85% of people are unhappy with their job.

Doesn’t that stat make you cringe? You may even be in the 85%! I’ll be honest, I dislike that some of my friends hate their careers.

It’s a familiar narrative, isn’t it?

Work hard in high school ↩ 👩‍🏫
Get into a good college ↩ 👩‍🎓
Go into student debt as a sacrifice for the future ↩ 💸
Work your ass off in college ↩ 👩‍💻
Find a job that was a little less exciting than you expected it to be ↩ 🤷‍♀️
Give it a shot for a few years ↩ 👩‍💼
Realize that you’re 26, unhappy with your career choices. 🙍‍♀️

It’s not anyone’s fault in particular, but the world has changed, and the same advice doesn’t work anymore. Millennials don’t stay at jobs as often, the gig economy is on the rise, and student debt has never been worse.

Millennials and Gen Z have a big decision ahead of us.

  1. Go down the traditional path that that their parents might want them to go down, the path that has worked for the last century.
  2. Learn to think independently, look at the data, and realize that the old system doesn’t work for 2019 anymore.

The second alternative isn’t easy, which is why we’re building GigLoft U: a school for the next century.

Welcome to GigLoft U! 👋

GigLoft is a school to learn the business of freelance, built for the 21st century.

We believe in a three-pronged approach.

1. Learning

We teach the basics like marketing yourself, getting clients, and handling financials. We’re building software to have the content be dynamic. You’ll receive a personalized curriculum based on where you currently stand, to reach your goals fastest. But learning alone isn’t nearly enough. You must also do.

2. Portfolio building

As part of the school, we have partner companies who have raised their hand and said they were open to working with our students in exchange for publishing their work.

Students build a portfolio this way, creating valuable marketing content and learning how to find more people who will care about what they write.

When partners like their work, like Sonya Petcavich of Meowtel 🐱 enjoyed Shelley Masini’s first piece, they can hire the students for more!

Granted, we didn’t teach Shelley to write. We just look for connections she and others can leverage in a freelance capacity!

👉 Interested in being a GigLoft hiring partner? 👈

3. Mentorship

Industry experts like VP of Business Development Matthew Witenstein volunteer their time to help our students work through the challenges that come with self employment. Freelancing is hard to do alone—and we learn and progress faster when we lean on experienced role models.

On top of having access to mentors as needed, Jérémy and I dedicate some of our own resources to coaching students through any challenges that might arise while growing a freelance career.

If you don’t know much about what we’ve done recently, here is a quick summary:

  1. We’ve built our marketing agency, PubLoft, to over $200,000 in revenue with no ads. We’ve paid out well over $50,000 to freelancers so far.
  2. We hustled hard enough to get, arguably, the best angel investor on this planet—Jason Calacanis— to invest $100,000 into us. Read the journey to win him over.
  3. We’ve built a full stack app using other people’s software.
  4. We’ve both felt the very real struggle of freelancing. Jérémy designed a small creative agency around his own skills. I was a full-time Uber driver, hustling to make my dreams work.
  5. We both have a drive to help unlock and clear the way for other people to get into entrepreneurship.
  6. The whole team is under 30, so we get what it’s like to work against the current when it’s something you believe in.

Want to learn more about the team behind the dream? Read why Jérémy was born to build GigLoft (an evolving document) 😋 and 7 reasons anyone should invest in Mat Sherman.

A GigLoft student’s ideal outcome

We strive to enable a sense of freedom in our students.

Photo by Nathan Anderson / Unsplash

This isn’t about a diploma or a certificate. You won’t get a plaque (maybe some swag though). What you get is a plate of paying clients. The harder you work, the better it will work for you. It’s up to each student to dedicate the time, mental energy, and persistence to willing your freelance career into existence.

The future we’re building

Guys, I’m a nerd. I spend too much time thinking about 2050; I forget we’re only in 2019. Let me tell you. In 2050, work looks different. It’s global. Collaborations with badass hustlers in Kenya will be an everyday occurrence. You’ll have business partners in Paris, and have a product team in Norway.

Business is already global. Freelancing culture is next. I’m sure of it.

In addition to that, entrepreneurship is only on the rise. Why do I say that? Automation.

Most repetitive tasks are going to be automated, which is not a bad thing. Humans should not be spending their days doing repetitive tasks. They should be doing creative things, solving problems, engaging with other people. While AI takes care of the easy stuff, humans will be able to focus more on pursuing their own ideas. Hell, maybe there won’t be any jobs left so they will have to.

In the future, more people love their work. People work remotely and travel. Love. Live. We eliminate numbness from our lives and live a life worth looking back on.

Are you in?

The rise of GigLoft marks the downfall of the world where 85% of people hate their jobs. We’re flipping the script. Are you in? Students are enrolling, experts are mentoring, workshops are happening, and partners are bought in.

Request a syllabus on our website if you want to learn more. If you have questions (hint, you should), you can email me directly: Mat@gigloft.com

Let's change the future of ed together.