Why freelance/self-employment? & how did you get into it?

Before freelancing, I was in network marketing. While I didn't get very far in that environment, I did find the principles appealing: be your own boss, have the freedom to do what you want.

How freelance came into play was by following those ideals and focusing on something I was passionate about doing. This was writing, seeing as I started to push myself into writing for a few years, while also finding the experience to be eye-opening and life-changing.

Who is your entrepreneurial inspiration? How did you find out about them?

If I'm being honest here, I don't have an entrepreneurial inspiration. The closest person I have is Gary Vaynerchuk and even then I don't stand by everything he says nor follow everything he says. Whenever I'm stuck or feel lost, his videos offer some words of wisdom and spark new outlooks for me. I can't remember how I found him.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

This doesn't happen often but I'd say people I've stated particular things not to do and they do it anyway. This also applies to things I specifically suggest to someone, explain my logic and they agree with me and then they don't follow through with it.

What are you currently reading?

On Writing by Stephen King. It's a half auto-biography and half getting into Stephen King's head on writing. He has some unique perspectives and I found it easy to get into even if you haven't read any of his other books.

What’s your favorite holiday & why?

Canadian Thanksgiving if I'm being honest. Fall is really nice with all the colours and Thanksgiving in Canada is the start of a few other big occasions. The week after that holiday is my birthday followed by Halloween. When I was younger it was obviously more exciting since it was essentially a month filled with getting junk food, but that sort of nostalgia is still around with me to this day.

canadian autumn coloured forest reflecting in lake

Where do you live? Would you rather live elsewhere?

I live in Fredericton, New Brunswick right now. I would like to be living somewhere else but I want to be taking baby steps on my traveling experience for the time being.

What piece of advice would you offer to people first starting to freelance?

Don't be afraid to do your own thing and discover.

A lot of people will offer advice and guidance and that's great, but you ultimately make the decision. Recognize that even the best-intentioned advice can be the wrong advice for you. There are all kinds of ways to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.

So, have an open mind, fail, experiment, reflect, relax. Freelancing is a process like everything else and we can all succeed in our own way by doing whatever we want to do.

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